• c.w.k. joynes & the restless dead Inference-of-the-Cam Shakedown (numbered 7", £3.75)

    label: Great Pop Supplement

    The 5th and final instalment of C. Joynes’s epic series of singles featuring collaborations with a weird and wonderful selection of fellow travellers… Released at various points over the last 3 or 4 years by The GPS and Bo’Weavil in tandem, the series comes to the end of its run of remarkably consistent, yet each very different, 5 volumes with possibly the most diverse selection yet, the final single featuring on one side, Phil Tyler on banjo alongside the skewed pop and lo-fi grumbling of Pete Um, while the reverse is totally different, with the bubbling analogue sound world of Woodcraft Folk, yet both as ever underpinned by the eternally wonderful guitar work of C Joynes. A worthy finale to a fantastic series, each volume having sold out instantly and with a keen eye on the packaging as well as its sounds. Beautiful die-cut sleeve and a pressing of 300 copies.

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