• ubertrager Neben Mir (purple vinyl 7", £3.75)

    label: Great Pop Supplement

    A 7” debut from German two-man outfit Ubertrager. Having debuted on GPS sister label Deep Distance’s Record Store Day “Grasshopper Mind” 10” in 2013, the wait has been worth it as “Neben Mir” is a beauty. Beautiful electronic pop featuring an icy French, Nico-esque vocal courtesy of Clémence “Faidherbe" Fichard (also to be found guesting on the last Prefuse 73 LP for Warp) ghosting in amongst the electronics and guitar work. A wonderful single and companion piece - sure to build upon the cool word of mouth response - to their track on 2013’s 10” (which to this day is still played on both 6Music and Andrew Weatherall.) 300 copies poking through the bubbles in a die-cut sleeve!

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