• funkadelic Funkadelic (coloured vinyl LP, £31.95)

    label: 4 Men With Beards

    Reissue on RED STARBURST VINYL. The 1970 debut from Detroit's nastiest, most shredding progenitors of funk-rock. Formed in the late '60s out of George Clinton's former R&B group THE PARLIAMENTS, this band included the blazing guitar of Eddie Hazel, organist Mickey Atkins, rhythm guitarist Tawl Ross and drummer Tiki Fulwood. Though firmly rooted in funk and soul, they took their psychedelic cues from Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone, creating an in-your-face, outrageous sound that was unparalleled at the time and since. Funkadelic's music has been sampled by everyone from DJ SHADOW to ICE CUBE, and from DE LA SOUL to the BEASTIE BOYS. Limited edition.

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