• soho blondes & peeping toms!  (CD, £6.75)

    label: Croydon Municipal

    The much-anticipated sequel to 2013's “It's A Scandal! Songs for Soho Blondes”, here are 25 more saucy tracks reminiscent of red lights and red faces, of sixties Soho and the Profumo era. From the seduction of Lyn Cornell's ‘Like Love’, to the sleaze of Kenny Day's ‘Why Don't We Do This More Often’ and Peter Elliott's deranged ‘The Devil's Workshop’, Martin Green (Club Smashing) has put together a fabulous mix of cool jazz and kinky pop, more than enough cheek to raise a few eyebrows… Track listing: 1. GENTLEMEN PLEASE – Jacqui Chan 2. DON'T OPEN THAT DOOR – The Friday Knights 3. SUGAR BEAT – Johnnie Spence 4. WAY PAST MIDNIGHT – Richard Bond 5. LIPSTICK ON YOUR LIPS – Ricky Valance 6. FARRAGO – Ted Taylor Four 7. LIKE LOVE – Lyn Cornell 8. KOOKIE TALK – Scott Peters 9. THE MERRY MEN – Don Richardson 10. THE DEVIL'S WORKSHOP – Peter Elliott 11. THIEF IN THE NIGHT – Johnny Towers 12. WHOOPS UP – The Z Men 13. JUST ROLLIN' – Ken Jones 14. BOSSA NOVA CASANOVA – Kay Starr 15. DON'T STOP – Alan Swain 16. THREE SWINGIN' CHICKS – Don Fox 17. HI FLUTIN' BOOGIE – Johnny Scott 18. BU BAM – Dave Barbour 19. SCATTER BRAIN – Alan Fielding 20. A LITTLE WALTZIN' – Johnny Keating 21. GARGANTUA – The Piltdown Men 22. SWEETHEART – Peggy Lee 23. THE SWIVEL – Ken Mackintosh 24. WHY DON'T WE DO THIS MORE OFTEN – Kenny Day 25. SAFETY SUE - Stirling Moss, Donald Campbell & the Duke of Bedford

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