• her name is calla Navigator (CD, £9.75)

    label: Function

    Navigator is the third album by Her Name is Calla and their first through Function Records. It follows on from their critically acclaimed album The Quiet Lamb. Written over the course of the last three tumultuous years as life, death, distance, divorce and everything else in between tried its best to pull the band apart. It retains the bands own personal sound of soaring strings, and crescendos with footing equally in rock, electronica and folk. The album was written largely by Tom (Vocals/guitar) and Adam (Drums/keys) sending countless demo’s to each other over several years. Navigator is a story of dreams that fail and do not materialise as youth slips away. It is the story of leaving one life behind and heading into the unknown of another. It is a story of losing love, life, faith and identity, and the great depression that brings. More importantly, it is about finding the way back home again. Track listing: I Was On The Back Of A Nightingale, The Roots Run Deep, It’s Called ‘Daisy’, Ragman Roll, Meridian Arc, Navigator, Burial, A Second Life, It Was Flood, Whale Fall: A Journal, Dreamlands, Perfect Prime.

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