• murphy's law The Party's Over (coloured vinyl LP, £15.95)

    label: I Scream Records

    Founded in Astoria, Queens in 1983, Murphy’s Law are huge part of the New York and American hardcore legacy. • Their albums, such as the self titled ‘Murphy’s Law’, and this 1989 follow up ‘Back With A Bong’, helped create the sound of New York Hardcore. • In 2008 their legacy even lead to the use of the song ‘A Day In A Life’ (from the band’s debut) in the Liberty City hardcore radio station on the Rockstar video game ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’. • Murphy’s Law never abandoned the hardcore scene or their fans. During their extensive career singer Jimmy Gestapo has stayed true to his scene, earning him and the band a name as one of NYHC’s all time favourites. • CBGB’s Fest honoured Murphy’s Law, amongst others, with a NYHC Pioneers Plaque at A7 in New York City in October 2013.

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