• lords of altamont Lords Take Altamont (coloured vinyl LP, £20.95)

    label: gearhead

    The Lords Of Altamont celebrate their 15th anniversary by revisiting the historical event from which they draw their name, The Altamont Free Concert of 1969. The band reinvents the infamous songs played at Altamont as you've never experienced them before, making this album a quintessential piece of The Lords' legacy and an epic tribute to the definitive end of The Summer of Love. Features members from The Bomboras, MC5, Chelsea Smiles and Primadonna! You may count on jaw dropping interpretations of classic rock songs by The Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane and more. This is a pressing of only 500 copies, presented in a gatefold sleeve with digital download card. TRACKLISTING: 01. LIVE WITH ME 02. COME BACK BABY 03. 6 DAYS ON THE ROAD 04. 3/5 OF A MILE IN TEN SECONDS 05. BLACK QUEEN 06. LOVE IN VAIN 07. CODY CODY 08. BALLAD YOU AND ME AND POONEIL 09. GIMME SHELTER 10. THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS LIFE 11. SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL 12. JINGO

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