• powersolo The Real Sound (LP, £10.75)

    The Real Sound is a return to the roots of POWERSOLO. But this time they dig even deeper than ever and deliver a string of catchy tunes with crazy lyrical hooks that could have been one hit wonder 7" singles back in the 50s, 60s or even the 70s. They are the type of songs that would be found on the Las Vegas Grind and Nuggets compilations. Itís music you can dance to, prance to, rock and roll (in the Biblical sense) to, and get into some serious trouble to. Celebrating the times when music had a sense of fun, sex and danger to it. This is the real sound of rockíníroll. The Real Sound of POWERSOLO! TRACK LISTING 1. Boom Babba Do Ba Dabba 2. Sasquatch 3. Two Headed Woman 4. Big Lips 5. The Leather Suit 6. Jurassic Sex Party 7. New Fashioned Girl 8. Des Filles 9. Salty Lick 10. Milk That Thang 11. Sloppy Bird Boogie 12. Frantic 13. Sonic Sauce 14. Tequila Whiplash

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