• ray keith presents dub dread 5  (CD, £8.25)

    label: dread recordings

    This compilation has been mixed by Ray Keith to showcase the whole current Dread Recordings camp, and marks the label's 20th Anniversary. * Featuring a mix of established as well as new singers, producers and artists, this is the best of the best, all styles being represented. Play it loud and enjoy the sound of Dread recordings. Tracklist; 1 Ray Keith – Greedy Me, 2 Marga Man –Other Side, 3 Renegade Feat Ray Keith Live – Waste Man, 4 Marga Man- Outer Pull, 5 Renegade Feat Ray Keith Vs Shyna- Bring Me Down, 6 Savage Rehab –Sinking Feeling, 7 Cabin Fever -Turn, 8 Nautluis- December Dreams, 9 Titan Feat Mc Busta –Purple Demonz, 10 Deploy-Call On You, 11 Maniac & Trouble -Septic- Vip, 12 Dubbist –Disclosure, 13 Ninja Feat Back Street Chemist –Just A Thought, 14 Dj Tuskan- A Wicked Man, 15 Serum -Crack Down, 16 Sure Shock- Snake Oil, 17 Ninja And Vital Sense- Divine Patterns, 18 Titan- Flash Dance, 19 Bladerunner Time Trap Vip, 20 Savage Rehab Feat Villem And Mcleod –This One, 21 Nautilus –Gone To Long, 22 Titan Feat Marga Man – Information Centre, 23 Digital -Steady Cut, 24 Titan – Sound You Never New, 25 Heist- In My Head, 26 Nautius- We Got You, 27 Mr Explicit – Hot Rod, 28 Shure Shock - All Over The World, 29 Jinx Feat Shyna –Set Me Free, 30 Bladerunner –Things Are Different Now, 31 Titan Keep- Pushing, 32 N-Dread - Just A Moment Vip, 33 Dark Soldier- Dark Soldier Remix Vip Mr Explicit, 34 Bladerunner- Stay, 35 Excalibur Feat Essence-Sirens Calling, 36 Bladerunner Feat Dna –The Real Deal, 37 Mr Explicit - Black Dragon Vip, 38 Bladerunner-Take Control, 39 Ray Keith Vs Aires - Terrodome –Aires Vip, 40 Ray Keith- Dub 1

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