• lost girls Lost Girls (digipak double CD, £8.50)

    label: 3 Loop

    “I’m so glad these songs at last get to be heard – ragged and raw, done and undone, whatever, they were loved and not at all Lost after all…” Patrick Fitzgerald, 2014. “Over a wasted, civil war-style landscape comes a vocal that sounds like some daughter of Tim Buckley intoning a lament for the dead - I know nothing about Lost Girls; all I know is the world should know more about them.” Needle’s Eye review, NME, 1999.  In 1997, Patrick Fitzgerald had left Kitchens of Distinction, his band of 10 years, and Heidi Berry had left 4AD for whom she had recorded three albums following being invited to sing on the This Mortal Coil album ‘Blood’.  Following a speculative phone call, they got together in 1998 to work out their frustrations and re-imagined what they could do. And over the next few months songs came together. They played some live shows, including supporting John Martyn, and the duo of Lost Girls became a five piece group with the addition of Ashley Wood on guitar, drummer Dave Morgan (The Loft, Primal Scream, Rockingbirds) and bassist Kim Smith.  They reworked the songs as a group and put them out to tender and waited...  A single, Needle’s Eye, was self-released in 1999 but otherwise the recordings sat gathering dust... until now!  Dusted off and brightened up, the long-lost Lost Girls album is released as a 2CD set featuring all the recordings made by the duo and the group and the 21 tracks here are split into the originally intended album (CD1) and bonus material (CD2).

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