• troxy music: fifties and sixties film themes  (CD, £6.75)

    label: Croydon Municipal

    A fabulous collection of the rare and the famous, film themes from the golden age of cinema, the 50s and 60s Ealing comedies (The Rebel, I'm Alright Jack), kitchen sink cinema (A Kind of Loving, A Taste of Honey) and Hollywood hits. We have the thunderous theme to the Diana Dors film Passport To Shame, the party scene from the fabulous Experiment In Terror, and some of the biggest names in soundtrack history John Barry, Henry Mancini, John Dankworth and Ron Grainer. Troxy Music is a terrific mix of hard-to-find themes from major movies.  Many obscurities and gems for soundtrack collectors  Top British jazz rarities  Most tracks on CD for the first time  Compiled by Martin Green and Bob Stanley. Track listing: 1. BLIND DATE Pinewood Strings 2. NO LOVE FOR JOHNNIE Gerry Beckles 3. A KIND OF LOVING Ron Grainer 4. LIVE NOW PAY LATER Doug Sheldon 5. PASSPORT TO SHAME Ray Anthony 6. FLUTER'S BALL (FROM EXPERIMENT IN TERROR) Henry Mancini 7. TEN THOUSAND BEDROOMS Dean Martin 8. A TASTE OF HONEY Victor Feldman Quartet 9. DUET FROM 16 (FROM WE ARE THE LAMBETH BOYS) Johnny Dankworth 10. BEAT GENERATION Louis Armstrong 11. BACKFIRE Judd Proctor 12. PAYROLL Reg Owen 13. I'M ALL RIGHT JACK Al Saxon 14. TOOTY TWIST (FROM EXPERIMENT IN TERROR) Henry Mancini 15. LOOK FOR A STAR Gary Mills 16. THE BOYS The Shadows 17. WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND The Wayfarers 18. THE LOLLY THEME (FROM THE AMOROUS PRAWN) John Barry 19. MILD AND BITTER BLUES (FROM A KIND OF LOVING) Ron Grainer 20. TAKE A GIANT STEP Ernest Maxin 21. IT'S A WOMAN'S WORLD Ray Anthony 22. I'M A LONELY MAN (FROM BLIND DATE) Hardy Kruger

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