• legendary pink dots Come Out of the Shadows Vol. One (CD, £12.50)

    label: Beta-Lactem Ring Records

    1992 saw The Pink Dots anxious to find a new path. The pain of losing their inspirational guitar player Bob Pistoor to cancer, yet simultaneously enjoying an unexpected taste of success with the album "The Maria Dimension" saw the band plunged into a spin. Resisting the temptation of rushing a new album together and perhaps capitalising on the Maria momentum, The Dots instead decided on a long sojourn in the studio. Guests were invited - namely former LPD violin player Patrick Q. Wright and old friend Steve Stapleton (Nurse With Wound), while the band also gained a new member in Ryan Moore who was a blistering bass player and a fabulous drummer. He was also bursting with new musical ideas. Ryan was the perfect foil for new guitarist Martyn De Kleer who had the unenviable task of stepping into Bob's shoes. Marty also played bass and had his own style of drumming. Sessions sometimes lasted for hours over a period of 9 months. Engineer Vincent Hoedt oversaw the first workouts while Ray Steeg took over in the last months. The result saw 2 albums emerge- "Shadow Weaver" and "Malachai", and tragically the band's record company at the time saw no potential in either album. In retrospect, both of these records occupied a place as left as it gets in so-called Alternative Music, but 20 years on they still have something truly fresh about them. Even so, what about the remains of all of those sessions? Much found it's way on to the double cd "Chemical Playschool 8/9" and "Chemical Playschool 10" yet STILL it felt like the Dots had merely scratched the surface."Come out From The Shadows" addresses this quandary through the first two volumes. The music presented here is pretty much untouched from the original improvisations in the studio…there has just been an amount of very necessary editing (anyone for 43 minutes of "On the Boards/Swords?"). There is also material from the other Dots album which largely emerged from long studio sessions - "9 Lives To Wonder". Cevin Key flew in from Los Angeles to be the special guest on that one.

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