• un festin sagital Kosmodynamos (LP + 7", £21.75)

    label: Beta-Lactem Ring Records

    "This record is a translation of Un Festín Sagital circa 2011, when, lashed by a complete lack of resources and without a place that sheltered our previous psych rock effervescences, we had to please ourselves with the quest for subtle and blunt emotions: the universe spoke to us with concealed voices, we had to be quiet and listen, and thus the small explosions of newborn galaxies reached our instruments in a pure resonance adventure, following the modesty and beauty that we think this record communicates. This record is also a huge expression of motion, spinning wheels like the stars pounding in the heart of the sidereal enigma, oceanic and telluric." (by Albert Parra, finished by Fernando Pinto). This edition includes original artwork by UFS and Armchair Migraine Journey plus a bonus 7" of UFS with guest Patrick Wright (ex Legendary Pink Dots) on two tracks and two collaboration tracks with UFS meets Armchair Migraine Journey and AMJ meets UFS.

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