• pöllöt Pöllöt (LP, £13.75)

    label: Fonal Records

    The members of Pöllöt have in the past played in bands such as Cats on Fire, The New Tigers, Lau Nau, Kiila, Jarse, Barry Andrewsin disko, Goodnight Monsters and Kauppilan puutarha. Jaakko Tolvi (guitar and vocals), Janne Kauppinen (guitar and vocals), Markus Jalonen (bass), Ville Hopponen (drums) and Jukka Herva (keyboard and vocals) have, between them, played on dozens of releases. Pöllöt recorded their debut album in August 2013 at Äänikuva Studios in Turku. The album was mixed and produced by Jari Suominen (of Shogun Kunitoki/Jarse fame). The mastering was done by Samuli Tanner. In the studio, the aim was to capture the idiosyncratic sound of Pöllöt. The album cover was designed and created by Timo Marila.

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