• jarse Det Gar Runt Igen (CD, £11.95)

    label: Fonal Records

    "As intense, but at the outer edges of experimentation, Finland’s Jarse (yar-sa) are an off-shoot of the instrumental outfit Shogun Kunitoki. Repetitive, almost hymnal, keyboard refrains were bedded with drums and spidery guitar like a militaristic vision of Eno’s Another Green World. It was impossible not to be sucked in." - Kieron Tyler. As a band, Jarse didn’t materialise out of thin air: the members have served time in other bands such as Shogun Kunitoki, Kiila, Pymathon, Kemialliset Ystävät, Taco Bells, Dimi’s Re-connected (who operate Erkki Kurenniemi’s erstwhile instruments) and Pöllöt. During their short existence, Jarse have toured extensively beyond the band’s native borders, enrapturing audiences in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, France, Switzerland, Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium, as well in as all the Nordic countries, Iceland included. The band have visited most of these countries more than once. Jarse shows feature a self-built lighting system synchronised with sound and other measurable vibrations. The stereoscopic cover art was made using the cross-eye technique.Jarse are currently working on a follow-up to their debut, a full-length soundtrack to the movie classic Conan the Barbarian (1982).

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