• range of light wilderness The Range of Light Wilderness (140g clear vinyl LP, £18.75)

    label: Gnome Life

    (LP+Mp3). "'The Range of Light Wilderness' - a wondrous psych-folk/pop album basked in coastal light and California mysticism befitting its Big Sur birth explores a dozen-plus sides of psychedelic folk, from '60s-indebted jams to synth-assisted drifts." - SPIN MAGAZINE. The Range of Light Wilderness makes you think that the old old beach blanket in your trunk might actually be a magic carpet. Roll it out and go for a sandy ride in the sky. There's plenty of magic to spare in the world created on the outfit's beguiling debut full-length. Refracting the full crystalline spectrum of psychedelic pop, The Range Of Light Wilderness delivers tunes that are profound and danceable, hushed and arresting, fresh and timeless. These analog recordings were produced by song writer Thomas Frank McDonald (guitar, synths & lead vocals) at his home in Big Sur, California - high on a ridge top, in the center of a sunset. The three-piece is equilaterally triangulated by Jessi Campbell (drums & vocals) and Nick Aives (bass & vocals). Varying from the most shimmery, hi-fi numbers to transcendently warbly, one-mic tape sessions, the collection of songs on The Range Light Of Wilderness transmits sun-drenched richness. Written and recorded on the vibrant coast of Big Sur, there are moments when you may feel transported to its expansive, sparkling oceanscape and rolling, dry grassy hills - but these are songs as much for a party on a rooftop as they are for a party on a mountaintop. As the band name implies, The Range of Light Wilderness creates a bright vibration, crafting songs as welcome as the sunlight that surrounds us wherever we roam. Once again Gnome Life sets out to present the finest musical artifact: The Range of Light Wilderness LP boasts full-colour, high quality, matte jackets & original sleeve artwork by Kyle Field (of Little Wings). High quality Mp3 download. The first pressing is limited to 500 LPs and will be the only edition. Tracks : 1. Magic Please 2. Perfect { the first time } 3. Gnome Life 4. Jasmine Vines 5. Under Your Spell 6. Happy 7. Ohhiiiii 8. True True 9. On The Morning 10. Through The Leaves 11. Hearts On Fire 12. Migration Patterns 13. Give Me To Nora 14. Into The Abyss

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