• anti-flag Their System Doesn't Work for You (CD, £11.50)

    Anti-Flag’s A-F Records debut, originally released in 1998, is a compilation of the bands original recordings and the record that started it all. 19 gritty, angry, and socially conscious punk rock jams that would set the tone for nearly 25 years of music to come. Recently remastered. Tracklist: I Can't Stand Being With You, Their System Doesn't Work For You, We've Got His Gun, Born To Die, The Truth, You'll Scream Tonight, Indie Sux Hardline Sux Emo Sux, Anti-Violent, 20 Years Of Hell, I'm Having A Good Day, I Don't Want To Be Like You, Too Late, I Don't Need Anybody, Betty Sue Is Dead, If Not For You, Meet Your Master, We Won't Take No, Save Me, I'm Feeling Slightly Violent.

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