• seeds Singles As & Bs 1965-1970 (digipak CD, £13.25)

    label: big beat

    Big Beat's Seeds campaign wraps up with a definitive anthology of their entire run of singles from 1965 to 1970, a collection that includes some of the bands best-known material.  This exhaustive collection is drawn from the original singles masters, which in most cases have never been available since their first issue.  In keeping with our deluxe reissues of the Seeds regular albums, Singles As & Bs 1965-1970 is presented with an extensive and heavily illustrated booklet with full notes by Alec Palao. TRACKLIST 1. CAN'T SEEM TO MAKE YOU MINE (SINGLE EDIT) 2. DAISY MAE 3. PUSHIN' TOO HARD 4. OUT OF THE QUESTION (SINGLE VERSION) 5. THE OTHER PLACE 6. TRY TO UNDERSTAND (SINGLE MIX) 7. NO ESCAPE (SINGLE MIX) 8. MR FARMER (SINGLE EDIT) 9. UP IN HER ROOM (SINGLE EDIT) 10. I TELL MYSELF 11. A THOUSAND SHADOWS (SINGLE MIX) 12. MARCH OF THE FLOWER CHILDREN (SINGLE MIX) 13. SIX DREAMS (SINGLE MIX) 14. THE WIND BLOWS YOUR HAIR (SINGLE VERSION) 15. SATISFY YOU (SINGLE MIX) 16. 900 MILLION PEOPLE DAILY ALL MAKING LOVE (SINGLE MIX) 17. FALLING OFF THE EDGE OF MY MIND (SINGLE MIX) 18. WILD BLOOD 19. BAD PART OF TOWN 20. WISH ME UP 21. LOVE IN A SUMMER BASKET 22. DID HE DIE 23. EXCUSE EXCUSE (EP VERSION) 24. PUSHIN' TOO HARD (UNEDITED)

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