• exploited Let's Start a War (digipak CD, £9.25)

    label: captain oi

    Digipak version of the band's 1983 Indie Chart No.8 hit album. Includes the single ĎRival Leadersí which hit No.11 in the Indie Chart. The front cover image on this album is one of the most iconic of the whole Punk Rock movement. TRACK LISTING 1. LETíS START A WAR 2. INSANITY 3. SAFE BELOW 4. EYES OF THE VULTURE 5. SHOULD WE CANíT WE 6. RIVAL LEADERS (RE-MIX) 7. GOD SAVED THE QUEEN 8. PSYCHO 9. KIDOLOGY 10.FALSE HOPES 11.ANOTHER DAY TO GO NOWHERE 12.WANKERS / BONUS TRACKS 13.RIVAL LEADERS (SINGLE VERSION) 14.ARMY STLE 15.SINGALONGABUSHELL

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