• exploited Troops of Tomorrow (digipak CD, £9.25)

    label: captain oi

    An Independent Chart No. 1 and a UK National Chart No. 17, spending three months in the Top 30, this is one of the most successful Punk Rock albums of all time. It features the Top 50 hit single “Attack” / “Alternative” which also hit No. 5 in the Independent Chart, the single “Computers Don’t Blunder” and the rare 12” version of the title track. There are six bonus tracks on this deluxe reissue, which comes complete with a pull-out full colour poster. TRACK LISTING 1. JIMMY BOYLE 2. DAILY NEWS 3. DISORDER 4. ALTERNATIVE 5. U.S.A. 6. RAPIST 7. TROOPS OF TOMORROW 8. UK 82 9. SID VICIOUS WAS INNOCENT 10.WAR 11.THEY WON’T STOP 12.SO TRAGIC 13.GERMS / BONUS TRACKS 14.ATTACK 15.ALTERNATIVE (SINGLE VERSION) 16.Y.O.P. 17.TROOPS OF TOMORROW (12” VERSION) 18.COMPUTERS DON’T BLUNDER 19.ADDICTION

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