• such a much! r&b girls of the 50s and 60s  (CD, £6.75)

    label: Croydon Municipal

    Here's a crunching collection of R&B girls, with coyness in short supply. In fact, the sassy singers gathered here on this collection of rockers, wailers, and neo-popcorn favourites tend not to be girls, exactly.  Highlights include Blanche Thomas's You Ain't So Such A Much, written as a response to Hound Dog - faster, tougher, and easier on its feet. Ruth Brown's atmospheric Sure 'Nuff includes King Curtis on sax and Phil Spector on piano, with Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller producing. Doris Payne went on to become better known - and to score a sizeable hit with Just One Look in 1963 - as Doris Troy.  Like Doris, both Marie Knight and Big Maybelle are better known for their sixties soul sides than they are for their fifties R&B ravers, but I've Got A Feelin' and I Thought I Told You Not To Tell Them are jukebox-ready classics.  All twenty songs here are floor fillers, waiting to be the centrepiece of a movie soundtrack or - better yet - the soundtrack to your next house party. Track listing: 1. COME ON AND LOVE ME Lucille Brown 2. YOU AIN'T SO SUCH A MUCH Blanche Thomas 3. VOODOO VOODOO La Vern Baker 4. THAT'S WHY I CRY Varetta Willard 5. I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU NOT TO TELL THEM Marie Knight 6. KNOCK KNOCK Carol Fran 7. NOBODY'S GONNA HURT YOU Annie Laurie 8. YOU MOVE ME SO Paula Grimes 9. PUT ON MY SHOES Mary Ann Fisher 10. MISH MASH Carrie Grant 11. I'VE GOT A FEELIN' Big Maybelle 12. EASY EASY BABY Ann Cole 13. IF IT'S NEWS TO YOU Little Esther 14. PLEASE MR JAILER Wynona Carr 15. YOU BETTER MIND Doris Payne 16. BABY PLEASE DON'T GO Jo Ann Henderson 17. NOBODY LOVES YOU LIKE ME Etta James 18. SURE 'NUFF Ruth Brown 19. TINY TIM La Vern Baker 20. AND THE ANGELS SING Fay Simmons

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