• tv is the thing: fifties and sixties television themes  (CD, £6.75)

    label: Croydon Municipal

    From the wide-open skies of Champion The Wonder Horse to the mean streets of Z Cars Merseyside via Anthony Newley's oddball Gurney Slade, here is a collection of much-loved and unjustly forgotten TV themes.  To add to the genuine goggle-box experience, all the themes are linked with period TV ads for the likes of Outspan orange juice, Good News chocolates, and Eden Vale yoghurt (“it's the young idea!”). Early Gerry Anderson (Supercar) rubs shoulders with Honor Blackman (The Avengers), with help from stellar composer credits like John Barry and Johnny Dankworth.  Compiled by pop historian Bob Stanley – who also writes the sleevenotes – and DJ Martin Green, this is a proper 60s UK time capsule. Track listing: 1. TV IS THE THING - Dinah Washington 2. THE PURSUERS - Malcolm Lockyer 3. ROUTE 66 - John Gregory 4. OUTBREAK OF MURDER - Gordon Franks 5. SASHA'S THEME - Sasha Distel 6. SUPERCAR - Charles Blackwell 7. THE DESPERADOES - Cambridge Strings 8. GURNEY SLADE - Alan Ainsworth 9. THE BEAT WAY (FROM HONEY HIT PARADE) - Ted Heath And His Music 10. Z CARS - John Warren Orchestra 11. 77 SUNSET STRIP - Pete Candoli And His Orchestra 12. LUNCHBOX - Jerry Allen 13. LAS VEGAS (FROM ANIMAL MAGIC) - Laurie Johnson 14. SOOTY'S PARTY (EXCERPT) - Harry Corbett 15. CHAMPION THE WONDER HORSE - Frankie Laine 16. CUTTY SARK (FROM DATELINE) - John Barry 17. DANGER MAN - Alan Swain 18. THE AVENGERS - Johnny Dankworth 19. M SQUAD - John Gregory 20. MAN OF MYSTERY (FROM THE EDGAR WALLACE MYSTERIES) - Steve Stannard 21. SAM BENEDICT - Johnny Keating 22. SID'S THEME (FROM CITIZEN JAMES) - Gordon Franks 23. EGGHEADS - Bryan Blackburn And Peter Evans 24. CHICK SHAPE - Craig Douglas

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