• bomboras Savage Island (LP, £14.50)

    label: Dionysus Records

    The BOMBORAS started a wave of instrumental/surf/garage music in the mid-'90s that washed over the entire Alt Rock scene as they took over as Los Angeles' most popular local band. It seemed impossible at a time ruled by "grunge" that a band dedicated to the sounds and looks of the '60s would become the toast of the town, receive enough press to rival the thickness of a big-city phone book, fill huge Los Angeles nightclubs and inspire bands to dress and sound like The BOMBORAS (as well as name themselves after BOMBORAS songs, such as the band Knuckle Dragger to name but one.) They even ended up with one album on the Rob Zombie ran Zombie Au Go-Go label through Geffen Records right before Universal ate 'em up.

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