• bored games Who Killed Colonel Mustard (12", £15.50)

    label: flying nun

    One of Flying Nunís earliest releases, Bored Games (1982) was the concept of 17-year-old Shayne Carter who would later go on to be a common thread in Flying Nun bands The Double Happyís and Straitjacket Fits. As most things at the age of 17, Bored Games were to be temporary, breaking up before the EPís release over a year after its recording. What was left behind was teenage angst manifested in early punk stylings that would sit comfortably in 1977ís England alongside Buzzcocks and The Adverts. The EP showcases how broad Flying Nunís sonic net cast when put beside pop darlings The Chills and The Clean. Bored Games is abrasive and fast while still capturing Flying Nunís unique isolated essence. A must for early punk connoisseurs with a $100+ eBay price tag to reflect it.

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