• panabrite Pavilion (LP, £18.75)

    label: Immune

    Panabrite is Seattle musician Norm Chambers. His music evokes the prime work of ambient music’s pioneers, the top tier of kosmische-musik makers, and the more mystical end of the new-age spectrum. He weaves elements from these styles into his own distinctive tapestries, balancing melodic playfulness with compositional rigour. Panabrite presents his first album for Immune after releases on Digitalis, Preservation, Aguirre, Constellation Tatsu, and Under the Spire Pavilion was meticulously mastered and cut to vinyl by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at Calyx in Berlin for superior fidelity. “Chambers’ work has a lot more character and range, touching also on 70’s Komische explorations and sparkly New Age zone-outs” - Pitchfork. “a comfortable, airy ride through extra-terrestrial realms, guided by steady, unintimidating rhythms and sensational, floating synths. Its subtlety is hypnotic, encouraging a blissful equanimity that forgoes any measure of time” - AdHoc. Blending into pensive, mobile-like Rhodes piano, whose beautiful bell tones smear and drone ŕ la Brian Eno’s The Shutov Assembly. The effect is like being enveloped in swirling stardust in a church tower. “Memory” elaborates on “Arcade,” its contemplative ascending synth chords sounding like a monastic ringtone. With timbres akin to those on Spiritualized’s Pure Phase Tones For DJs, “Arcade” exudes a swarming menace. Chambers cites “Regent” as his favorite track on Pavilion, describing it as “the epic struggle, the lay of the land before or after a devastating occurrence, yet with a pervasive optimism pushing up from the din”. Alternately urgent and melancholy, “Regent” decelerates into an agonizingly poignant cosmic theme in the vein of Ashra or Harald Grosskopf. Another highlight is “Balsam”, which combines looped acoustic guitar with a delicate xylophone motif, and synthetic birdsong. The song carries the same sense of beatific calm and graceful ascension as previous guitar-enhanced Panabrite titles like “Janus” and “Suite (For Winnie And Roxy)”. Pavilion’s last three pieces — “Pool”, the title track and “Quartz” — reflect Chambers’ increasing compositional prowess, his ability to wring maximal emotion through minimalist gestures. This concluding trilogy leads you back to land with a ceremonial majesty and balletic poise. In a catalog teeming with adventurous, evocative music, Pavilion ranks up there with Panabrite’s most sublime work. TRACK LISTING : 1. Veil 2. Arcade 3. Memory 4. Regent 5. Balsam 6. Pool 7. Pavilion 8. Quartz

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