• j.s. aurelius Slime of the Cavern (MC, £8.25)

    label: Handmade Birds

    EDITION: 200 ONLY WORLDWIDE CS20. JS Aurelius’s 2013 cassette “Music For Drinking Tea” made Rolling Stone’s Top 10 Cassettes list. JS Aurelius is a guitarist in the Sacred Bones Records powerhouse Destruction Unit. JS Aurelius is the co-founder of tastemaking Arizona label/art collective Ascetic House. JS Aurelius is a member of the premier noise duo Marshstepper. JS Aurelius is constantly touring in one of his many projects alongside like-minded innovators such as Pharmakon and Lust For Youth. Tracklist (20 minutes) Slime of the Chasm. Written/Performed/Mixed/Designed by JS Aurelius.

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