• burial hex The Hierophant (CD, £12.50)

    label: Handmade Birds

    More than 80 releases on Cold Spring, Aurora Borealis, Brave Mysteries, Blackest Rainbow, Turgid Animal. 2009 split acclaimed with Zola Jesus. This is the final LP from Burial Hex, a project whose closure has been calculated from its inception. Burial Hex is a pioneer of the horror electronics movement, this is its tenth year . Five U.S. tours and six European tours over the last ten years . “I’m not even entirely sure how to sum it all up, aside from saying The Hierophant is a masterwork – an album for the ages[…] It is enough to listen to Burial Hex and admire the transcendent ambience; programmed death marches; swirling, minimalist whispers; haunting instrumentation; and strains of maximized noise. All of that, in of itself, is impressive enough. But, should you desire to harness them, Burial Hex certainly offers the additional means of being transported into another realm of bewitching incantations. For many of us, those kinds of cryptic or metaphysical spheres of art are always going to be compelling. However, what makes Burial Hex truly enthralling is that Ruby’s music is entirely unclassifiable.” –Craig Hayes, Steel For Brains. “Those new to Burial Hex, where to start? Mixing ambience, post-rock, electronics, death metal, pop, you name it into the cauldron, Ruby’s project always has been one of the most interesting and least compromising, literally making each new release (and there are tons) a giant question mark[…] I’ll forever miss Burial Hex, but at least we have records such as “The Hierophant” to hold dear to us.” –Brian Krasman, Pittsburgh In Tune. Tracklisting: Winter Dawn/Final Love/Never Dying/The Most Foolish Son Is Always The Oldest One . Written/Performed/Mixed/Clay Ruby. Mastered/James Plotkin. Design/Kevin Gan Yuen.

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