• mabel joy Wish I Was (CD, £8.25)

    label: Hanky Panky Records

    The reissue of one of '90s indie music's best kept secrets. Originally issued on Phil Smee's Bam Caruso imprint, this work features members of The Palace Of Light, Faria and Ghostwriter. 'Wish I Was' conjures the musical journeys of Tim Hardin and Tim Buckley, with the pop strength of American Music Club and Big Star. TRACK LISTING 1.- You Donít Know 2.- Always Late 3.- Pilot Ship 4.- Best Friend 5.- Sylvan Road 6.- Scatterbrain 7.- Buzziní Fly 8.- Scraps Of Me 9.- Ship Sets Its Sail 10.- Do You Know How To Wonder 11.- Words On The Floor 12.- First Train

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