• andrew liles Wanton Wives, Monstrous Maidens and Wicked Witches (180g coloured vinyl LP, £3.95)

    label: Blackest Rainbow

    Andrew Liles' 'Wanton Wives...' follows on from where his 'Maleficent Monster' left off in June and also follows on from his recent Equestrian Vortex soundtrack 10" on Death Waltz. This, the second LP of horror inspired nastiness in his series for Blackest Rainbow, features creeping giallo jazz with sultry spoken vocals, synth heavy monsters, cannibal lunacy, and a track called 'Wild Boar', wait until you hear that one. This is the sound of someone who has spent too many late nights watching any horror films they can get their hands on. Legendary UK artist Graham Humphreys returns to create new art, this time featuring Liles bursting from his poor wives chest whilst she grasps a skull and a decapitated head of a voodoo priestess version of herself. She endures a lot... Rotting Zombie Brains edition of 350 copies pressed on pink virgin vinyl with red and green splatter packaged in a UV gloss finished sleeve.

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