• geraint jarman Dwyn Yr Hogyn Nol (CD, £11.50)

    label: ankst

    13 brand new songs that include deep reggae (Reggae Reggae), alternative rock (Hiraeth am Kylie), affecting acoustic songs (Marianne), classic rock (Be nei di Janis?) and unexpected pop hybrids (Strangetown). The new tracks are a definite advance on the sound of the BRECWAST ASTRONOT album, his previous album which was seen as a comeback on release in 2011 that wowed the critics and cemented his continuing relevance. On DWYN YR HOGYN NOL Geraint has been fortunate to be able to create music, live and in the studio, with a stable and trusted band that echoes the creative high points reached by his old 70's/80's band the Cynganeddwyr (The Poets). Among the magnificent musicians working with Geraint are Peredur ap Gwynedd, Frank Naughton, Pete Hurley, Tim Robinon and Gareth Bonello, with Hana, Mared a Lisa Jarman sharing vocals with their father. As with BRECWAST the album was recorded in Ty Drwg Studios, Cardiff with Frank Naughton (Mu-Ziq) co-producing. This album represents yet another step forward in an incredible career that stretches back to the time of the youthful image that adorns the sleeve artwork and is yet another reminder that although some of the themes on the songs reference the past (1970's Cardff reggae clubs, youthful 1960's hopes, 2000's post millenial confusions) Geraint's influence and music is definitely felt and belongs in the present culture. Geraint continues to be a vital artist and anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing him perform with his band in 2014 knows that his voice, creative relevance and natural talent is undimmed and undiminished. A national treasure.

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