• brother t. & family / powers of blue Drillin' of the Rock / Flipout (CD, £11.50)

    label: Gearfab

    Together on one disc, here are two more Exploito LPs, dating from 1970 and 1967 respectively. 'Drillin' Of The Rock', originally released in 1970 on the German budget label FASS (also Bokaj Retsiem, among others), is a free for all, fuzzed-out heavy organ marathon featuring members of Asterix / Lucifer's Friend (ex-German Bonds) as well as The Tonics. 'Flipout' contains great instrumental fuzzed-out covers of the hits of their day, including 'Paperback Writer', 'The "In" Crowd', 'Let's Get Stoned', 'Bang Bang', 'Satisfaction' and more.

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