• bombshell rocks Generation Tranquilized (CD, £12.95)

    label: burning heart

    After 10 years the original line-up of BOMBSHELL ROCKS is back again – bringing you “Generation Tranquilized” on the resurrected cult-label Burning Heart Records!  Generation Tranquilized is the band's fourth full-length and the first in over 10 years with the original lineup. This release shows BOMBSHELL ROCKS is indeed back in the game, reflecting on the history they’ve made over the last 20 years, and heading towards the future with a lineup that is more focused and dedicated than ever.  The songwriting and sing-alongs here are nothing short of brilliant, and Burning Heart are extremely proud and excited to help this amazing band share it with the world; and even more special, in this, their 20th year together as a band.

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