• dean carter Call of the Wild (coloured vinyl LP, £18.95)

    label: big beat

    Several years ago, Big Beat released the CD compilation Call Of The Wild! a vibrant testament to the rockin genius of Dean Carter: a true rockabilly rebel planted smack dab in the middle of the 60s garage punk era. The time-warp sensibilities of this wild music was fascinating, and the collection has become a very popular item.  We now present Call Of The Wild! as a power-packed vinyl album, distilled down to the fourteen strongest cuts, including one not on the CD version.  For those who like their rock'n'roll in its purest, most visceral form, the mid-60s recordings of Dean Carter are mandatory listening. Revel again in crazed classics such as I Got A Girl, Mary Sue and the over-the-top rearrangement of Jailhouse Rock.

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