• dosh & ghostband Def Kith (12", £8.95)

    label: Anticon

    With the Def Kith EP, the usually mononymous Martin Dosh and Jon "Ghostband" Davis debut their techno-addled, IDM-damaged brand of bass-blessed dance music. Across these three or four generous cuts ("Twin Speak" is digital only) we hear two "one-man-band" types becoming a single machine. Itís the rhythm sectionís revenge as the respective drums and bass of countless jazz and odd-rock ensembles put their improvisatory chops to work, funneling a lifetime of wild musical obsessions (Sun Ra, Squarepusher, the RZA, Caribou) into their live electronica. You might look to "Twin Speak" as a sort of sampler platter. A warm blurt is soon usurped by a four-four pulse ó a harbinger of the seemingly hundred-plus interlocking pieces that jitter and wobble their way to a manic 13-minute whole. Left-field sonics, Afro-Latin percussion, Chicago house, playful melodies, and squelching sequences get caught up in the swirl. Other tracks stay vibrant but occupy a more defined space. "False Starts" rattles through a dark, lush soundscape too fast for Forest Swords, but too slow for footwork. "Bristol Bounce" approximates a vision of Miami bass abstracted through its municipal namesakeís rich history of aural experimentation. And "Tet a Tet" openly references the ever influential Kieran Hebden, but carves its own identity out of Jamaican dub, Moroder synth, and broken beat. Fourteen minutes later: silence. But not for long. Dosh & Ghostband are hard at work on a full-length album. Minneapolitan music men Martin Dosh and Jon Davis unite as Dosh & Ghostband. Together, they wreck speakers and minds with techno-addled, IDM-damaged, bass íní bliss groove music. Theyíve accomplished all kinds of admirable feats apart, itís true. Together, however, the pair have discovered a brotherhood that not only speaks to their shared history in a jazz-rich Twin Cities scene, but which holds these two in a mind-meld of melody and rhythm. Their music is electronic, yes, but composed and recorded live in a Minnesota basement ó Martinís home studio, from which heís churned out an impressive oeuvre of loop-driven instrumentals under his last name over the years. While the "Dosh" work sets those songs apart from his membership in bands like Fog, the Cloak Ox, and Andrew Birdís crew, his solo stuff is never made in a vacuum. In fact, Jonís bass is the first sound heard on the first Dosh album, sampled from a 4-track tape of the two jamming in the late '90s. Theyíve been playing together for years, just usually in live ensembles with Martin on drums and Jon completing the rhythm section or on clarinet. Comes with download card. Tracklisting: 1. Twin Speak (not on vinyl) 2. False Starts 3. Bristol Bounce 4. Tet A Tet

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