• spiritualized Fucked Up Inside (180g vinyl LP, £22.25)

    Following the quickly sold out limited edition milky clear coloured vinyl that was exclusively released for Record Store Day 2018 Glass Redux release a new vinyl pressing of Spiritualized’s 'Fucked Up Inside'. This LP is pressed on heavyweight audiophile vinyl in an embossed and hot foil finished sleeve. Remastered by John Rivers at Woodbine Studios especially for vinyl release, ‘Fucked Up Inside’ consists of live recordings made by Spiritualized at the Crest Theatre in San Diego and the Hollywood Palladium in L.A. on the nights of 19th and 21st November 1992 on the North American ‘Rollercoaster’ tour with the Jesus and Mary Chain and Curve. Released as a live album in 1993, the title is taken from a lyric on one of the songs featured on the album, ‘Medication’. Originally only available via mail order the Glass Redux LP faithfully recreates the original sleeve design, the guitar effects pedals embossed and foil blocked.

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