• gary wilde Keep On Walking (7", £7.25)

    label: Chaputa! Records

    Gary Wilde's talents started back in the 60s and became prominent in the 80s with his management skills with the Paisley Underground bands that included The Pandoras, The Fuzztones and several others of the second coming revival that came to the forefront of that time. At the end of the 80s while tour managing The Fuzztones, Mr. Wilde would sing encores on several stages across Europe to enthusiastic receptions hence the idea to record with Mr. Wilde taking over the lead vocals and two of those tracks are on this EP. 'Blood From A Stone' and 'Skeleton Farm' with the former backing line up of The Fuzztones. These recording lay to rest for 2 decades until now. On 7/7/2014 Mr. Wilde returned to the studio with Lisa Mychols & Steve Refling & Elan Portnoy formally from the Fuzztones, to record two songs that are also on this Chaputa! Records & Groovie Records EP. 'Keep On Walking' was originally recorded in 1966 by The Penthouse V and 'Come On In' was the B side of the Music Machines first single 'Talk Talk'. All four tracks have been well received worldwide and are in current rotation on several radio stations across the globe.

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