• don't be bad! 60s punk recorded in texas  (CD, £13.25)

    label: big beat

    Texas-based Huey P Meaux hit paydirt with the Sir Douglas Quintet's She's About A Mover in early 1965. The maverick producer immediately threw out a cattle call for the next bunch of teenage longhairs who could deliver him a hit. That didn't happen, but over the next few years he amassed a litany of superb grass roots punk and rock'n'roll recordings, spread across his Tribe, Pacemaker, Pic 1, Ventural, Capri imprints and others.  While there were occasional visitors from out-of-state: the Phinx from Mississippi, the Pirates and Greek Fountains from Louisiana and the Trashmen of Minneapolis but the bulk of Meauxs charges naturally hail from the motherlode of Texas, ground zero for the raunchiest, gnarliest 60s punk. Mostly taped at his Pasadena Sounds facility, Don't Be Bad celebrates the Crazy Cajuns garage rock legacy.  Extensive research into Huey Meaux's rarely tapped vault has resulted in a power-packed set list guaranteed to impress even the most hardened garage collector. Master tape sound on classics including Barry & Life's Top-Less Girl, Destinys Children Fall Of The Queen and the Passions Lively One guarantees a punchy listen; superb unreleased sides from the likes of the Driving Wheels and Sands add major appeal. The packed booklet spills the full beans on the amazing contents. RACKLIST 1. TOP-LESS GIRL - Barry & Life 2. DON'T BE BAD - The Driving Wheels 3. THE FALL OF THE QUEEN - Destiny's Children 4. GIRL SAID NO - What's Left 5. CUTTIN' OUT - The Pirates 6. HER LOVING WAY - Gaylan Ladd 7. I DON'T NEED YOU - The Sands 8. AGAIN - The People 9. LIVELY ONE - The Passions 10. BETTER COME GET HER - The Triumphs 11. IT'S YOU - The Actioneers 12. LOST IN A CROWD - The Dodads 13. TO NO PLACE OF ITS OWN - The Phinx 14. FARMER JOHN-The Argyles 15. BABY I NEED YOU - The Eccentrics 16. SHE'S GOT ME RUNNING - The Driving Wheels 17. GOTTA TELL HER - The Blue Diamonds 18. DIRTY DIRTY GAME - Gaylan Ladd 19. OPEN YOUR EYES - The Sands 20. DON'T TELL ME - The Chancellors 21. HONEY HUSH - The Loafers 22. MONA/WHO DO YOU LOVE - The Pirates 23. DON'T GO IN MY ROOM GIRL - Bob & Gaylan 24. EVERYTHING'S RIGHT - The Phinx 25. HOUR GLASS - Burner Amburn 26. BRING ME - The Dodads

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