• longfellow Remedy (4-track CD, £6.50)

    label: fierce panda

    This here ‘Remedy’ EP is the last release pit stop before the band focus on racing through their debut album. After the epic hook-laden chaos of ‘Medic’ lead-off track ‘Where I Belong’ is relatively refined and restrained, albeit with the usual impeccable sense of Longfellow melodic style. The fearsomely enigmatic video mirrors this clear-eyed ode to misery – not for nothing does it open with a butt naked singer Owen lying in the middle of a freezing Ashford Forest in January. “Stripping down to the nakedness was supposed to symbolise our refusal to accept what we know is inevitable, that no matter how far technology and culture advances we’ll always be answerable to nature,” muses the now-defrosted frontman. “Ultimately ‘Where I Belong’ focuses on grief, whether it’s something as serious as they death of a loved one or as trivial as the loss of a lover.” Such is contemplative life with Longfellow, a band who are never knowingly underthought. Suitably, the ‘Remedy’ EP is rounded off by the rowdy perambulations of ‘Fabric’ and the mighty ‘Chokehold’, which is Longfellow’s most coherent outburst of epic emoting yet. - all thrillers, no fillers, in fact.

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