• ingredients presents: substance  (140g vinyl 3 LP set, £11.95)

    label: Ingredients

    Limited to only 250 copies. Shrink-wrapped triple pack. * Clive Ingredients celebrated the 5 year milestone in 2014 of releasing cutting edge underground drum & bass from relative unknowns and progressing to remixes from artists such as dBridge & Jubei, and singles from Marcus Intalex & Digital. Known for it's deeper side of the genre, Ingredients has become a firm favourite for many and has had fantastic support from Hospital Records' Tony Colman to Fabric Nightclub. * Known for finding new producers and nurturing them to the top, he has compiled a new album with varied producers across the scene whilst retaining that Ingredients sound. 'Substance' is Clive's take on both depth & meaning, keeping the identity of it's cause and not bending towards what might be popular. * One of his findings Skeptical, delivers the incredible 'Square Breathing' while The Invaderz feature for the first time & 'Waterworld' is a solid dj friendly roller. Total Science also appear with the seductive 'New Beginnings' and DBR UK & Genotype's 'Zombies' has been in huge demand. Response appears with 'Deeper Still' while there's an Ingredients debut for Altitude with the excellent 'Make Believe' & Mute & Mako return with 'Photstep'. Tracklisting: A. Skeptical 'Square Breathing' AA1. DBR UK & Genotype 'Zombies' AA2. Response 'Deeper Still' B. Halogenix 'Soulide' BB1. Mute & Mako 'Phostep' BB2. Altitude 'Make Believe' C. Eveson 'Solaris' CC1. The Invaderz 'Waterworld' CC2. Total Science 'New Beginnings'

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