• primevals Eternal Hotfire (CD, £10.95)

    label: Boutique

    The Boutique Label proudly presents Eternal Hotfire, the debut album by cult garage rock band The Primevals, originally released in 1985 and now digitally remastered with 11 bonus tracks. Formed in Glasgow in 1983 by lead singer and songwriter Michael Rooney, the brooding five-piece combined hi-octane, revved-up garage rock with a dusting of blues, R&B and even jazz influences. Eternal Hotfire was originally issued on highly regarded French imprint New Rose, then home to The Cramps, Tav Falco, Johnny Thunders, The Saints and a host of others. Over the next few years The Primevals cut two more albums for the Paris indie, Sound Hole and Live a Little, both produced by Richard Mazda, best known for his work with Scientists and The Fleshtones. The Primevals formed to try out something earthy and uncompromising, explains Rooney. To make some noise, but with good tunes as well. We wanted to combine R&B and garage styles and maybe even get close to that jazz ethic, something like Pharoah Sanders fused with the MC5. With the Clyde as our Delta. The Primeval Call has never truly died away, with the group releasing a steady stream of excellent albums including Dig (1990), There Is No Other Life (2007), Disinhibitor (2010), Heavy War (2012) and Tales of Endless Bliss (2014). Newly remastered in 2015, the CD features 61 minutes of music. Bonus tracks include the non-album singles Living In Hell and Where Are You?, rare compilation tracks, and four scorching live tracks taped at the legendary Klub Foot in London in 1985. The deluxe 16 page booklet includes archive band images and liner notes by Rooney. Tracklisting: 1. My Emancipation 2. Blues At My Door 3. Shes All Mine 4. Have Some Fun 5. See the Tears Fall 6. Lucky Im Living 7. Living In Hell 8. Walk In My Footsteps 9. Right For Me 10. Where Are You? 11. This Kind of Love 12. Saint Jack (live at the Klub Foot) 13. Blues At My Door (live at the Klub Foot) 14. Lowdown (live at the Klub Foot) 15. Spiritual (live at the Klub Foot) 16. See the Tears Fall (demo) 17. Pick It Up (demo)

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