• primevals Sound Hole / Live At the Rex (double CD, £12.50)

    label: Boutique

    The Boutique Label presents the second album by cult garage rock band The Primevals, originally released in 1986. Now remastered with 6 bonus tracks as well as new artwork, the double disc package also includes a bonus live CD recorded live at the Rex Club in Paris in 1988. Sound Hole was produced by Richard Mazda (Fleshtones, Scientists). Stand out tracks include Spiritual, Lowdown and Prairie Chain. “One of our best albums for sure,” says frontman Michael Rooney. “The songs were strong and several peaks were hit. There’s some kind of chaotic thread which linked the reality of 1980s Glasgow with a mess of far flung ideas and emotions. We definitely punched the anxiety button on Sound Hole.” The Primevals celebrated the release of the album with a six week European tour with The Cramps, along with radio sessions for the likes of John Peel, Janice Long and Andy Kershaw. Newly remastered in 2015, disc 1 features 67 minutes of music. Bonus tracks include single b-sides and a radio session from late 1985. Disc 2 features a blistering live performance (18 tracks) from the Rex Club in Paris on 13 April 1988, highlights from which were issued as a vinyl-only album Neon Oven. This is the first time the complete show has been made available. Tracklisting: Disc 1: 1. Eternal Hotfire 2. Prairie Chain 3. Primeval Call 4. See That Skin 5. Spiritual 6. Nutmeg City 7. Elixir of Life 8. Fire and Clay 9. Saint Jack 10. Dish of Fish 11. Lowdown 12. Sister 13. Lonesome Weepin’ Blues 14. Saint Jack (radio session) 15. See That Skin (radio session) 16. Spiritual (radio session) 17. Dish of Fish (radio session) / Disc 2: (Live at the Rex) 1. Crazy Little Thing 2. This Evil Way 3. Fire and Clay 4. Spiritual 5. Primeval Call 6. My Dying Embers 7. Elixir of Life 8. Early Grave 9. Fertile Mind 10. Justify 11.Heya 12. Sister 13. Saint Jack 14. Eternal Hotfire 15. My Emancipation 16. Total Destruction To Your Mind 17. Have Some Fun 18. Green River

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