• lucy's diary Lucy's Diary (CD, £7.75)

    label: Blang

    Lucy’s Diary release their 2nd album this time as a 4-piece band injecting an accomplished psychedelia into their infectious 70’s informed power-pop punk. Songwriter Lucy Joplin’s poetic antifolk credentials have not been compromised and the album cuts a turbulent, moving and energetic 31 minutes of storytelling from Joplin’s libertine diaries, punctuated by the influences of Buzzcocks and Blondie and wrapped in Joplin’s provocative Kim Deal/Courtney Love-esque vocals. The album is book ended by a country-delic cover of the Melanie classic “Look What They’ve Done to My Song Ma”. Joining the original antifolk two piece (Joplin & JJ Crash), who emerged from Soho’s 12 Bar Club scene are producer/drummer Ian Button (Death In Vegas, Papernut Cambridge, Sergeant Buzfuz) and Mike Stone (Television Personalities, Rotifer, Rapid Results College) bass/keys. Press quotes - Mojo – Frank Skinner Interview “Apart from The Fall I’ve been listening to Lucy’s Diary. One of my favourite things is ethereal female vocals over dirty guitars, they fit that category really well” // Whisperin' And Hollerin' - "You instantly know that Lucy Joplin’s junior Kim Deal stance has been achieved by repeated attendance at the school of hard knocks rather than through affectation." // MusicOMH - "Joplin catches everyone on the wrong foot and heads us towards scathing pop perfection." // Tracklisting: 1. Am I Strong, 2. Milk and Honey, 3. Pieces of Me, 4. Get Drunk and Kiss, 5. Distractions, 6. Sunshine, 7. Roses, 8. Don’t Touch Me, 9. Revolving Doors, 10. Look What They’ve Done To My Song Ma

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