• nervosas Nervosas (LP, £15.95)

    label: Dirtnap Records

    2nd self titled album (first for Dirtnap) from hard-touring Ohio dark-punks.  An improvement on their (also awesome) first album in every way. The fast songs are meaner and more aggressive, the slower songs are more textured and atmospheric.  Impeccable recording, truly impressive musicianship and songwriting inspiration to burn. This goes way, way beyond the punk kids playing post punk thing going around these days.  Fits in perfectly on the darker end of the Dirtnap Records spectrum, alongside such fine company as The Estranged, The Splits, Autistic Youth truly an important and epic mind-bender of an album. TRACKLIST 1. Moral Panic 2. Night Room 3. Temporary Address 4. The Well 5. Parallel 6. Arcadia 7. Industry 8. Refinery 9. Permanently Isolated 10. Nothing 11. Clouds 12. Quarantine

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