• troxy music: fifties and sixties film themes screen 2  (CD, £9.75)

    label: Croydon Municipal

    On Bob Stanley's label, following up the acclaimed first volume of Troxy Music, here is another batch of film themes from the 50s and 60s, the golden age of cinema. From kitchen sink (A Taste of Honey) to Hollywood (Lolita), from cool jazz to proto rock'n'roll, and with vocal contributions from Jane Russell and Fred Astaire, TROXY MUSIC SCREEN 2 blends the rare, the famous, and the truly exotic. Most tracks available for the first time on CD  Gorgeous artwork  Thorough sleevenotes by Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley  TRACK LISTING 1. THE REBEL Frank Cordell 2. SHE'LL HAVE TO GO Dennis Lotis 3. LOLITA YA YA Sue Lyon 4. MIX ME A PERSON Adam Faith 5. BABY ELEPHANT WALK (FROM HATARI) Johnnie Spence 6. THE WILD ONE Shorty Rogers 7. RACE TO MIDNIGHT Harry Robinson 8. NO MY DARLING DAUGHTER - Juliet Mills & Michael Redgrave 9. THE BIG SHIP SAILS ON THE ALLEY-ALLEY-O (FROM A TASTE OF HONEY) Corona Kids 10. SCOTT FREE (FROM ALL NIGHT LONG) Johnny Scott 11. DOCTOR IN LOVE Richard Allen 12. RIVERSIDE STOMP (FROM THE CRIMINAL) Johnny Dankworth 13. THE NOTORIOUS LANDLADY Fred Astaire 14. THE LITTLE HUT Tommy Watt 15. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE HANDS (FROM THE REVOLT OF MAMIE STOVER) Jane Russell 16. PAPER CHASE (FROM TWO WAY STRETCH) Ken Jones 17. TIGER TWIST (FROM TROPICO DI NOTTE) Armando Sciascia 18. LAST NIGHT (FROM JUKEBOX RHYTHM) Earl Grant 19. EXPERIMENT IN TERROR The Champs 20. NEVER LET GO John Barry 21. THE STRANGER (FROM THE MELANDRINOS AFFAIR) The Hoplites 22. OU LA LA (FROM THE REBEL) Frank Cordell

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