• bill wells & aidan moffat Everything's Getting Older (LP, £15.75)

    label: chemikal underground

    Aidan’s lyric writing continues to stand head and shoulders above his peers; with this album, against Wells’s subtly nuanced backdrops, Moffat’s lyrics truly shine. A modern laureate part-Bukowski, part-Cutler, Aidan’s observations on ageing and reminiscences of youth are funny, melancholy, filthy and at times profoundly moving. • With his extraordinary capacity with lyrics, Aidan Moffat could and should be regarded alongside Nick Cave, Elvis Costello and Tom Waits. The album will particularly appeal to the 30+ age group and discerning music fan coming to Aidan’s work for the first time. • The cover art / portraits were produced by Frank Quitely, the world renowned comic book artist famous for his work with Grant Morrison on ‘New X-Men’, ‘We3’ and ‘Batman & Robin’. • “By the end you’re left stunned in admiration. Amazing” - Independent On Sunday (5/5). • “Convincing and beautiful” - Mojo (4/5). • “A match made in heaven” - The Sunday Times (4/5).

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