• hidden charms Dreaming of Another Girl (7", £5.50)

    label: Deltasonic

    There can be few modern bands that could tempt a legendary producer like Shel Talmy, (the man who produced some of the greatest hits of the 1960s and 70s, among them The Who's "My Generation" and The Kinks' "You Really Got Me") out of semi-retirement to work with them, just as there can be few modern bands who would manage to prompt no less than The Kinks' Dave Davies onto Twitter in vocal admiration of them quite so early in their career. They sound both thrillingly new and yet drenched in musical history, a serendipitously assembled garage rock outfit chock full of swampy rhythm and blues, and a singer - two, actually – both reminiscent of Van Morrison at the age of 19, all vim and sticky vigour. So here are the mandatory details. They are from London, and there are four of them: Vincent Davies, the 20-year-old singer, guitarist and bassist; Ranald Macdonald, the 21-year-old co-singer, keyboardist, guitarist and bassist; 21-year-old Josh Lewis on guitar and bass; and 20-year-old Oscar Robertson on drums. That's a lot of guitars for just four people, but a sound like theirs isn't going to happen without them. They combine the ramshackle hedonism of, say, The 13th Floor Elevators with the swagger of the White Stripes, and if Vincent has the vocal inflections of a young Steve Winwood circa the Spencer Davis Group, then Ranald boasts the full throttled fervour of early Van Morrison. It all adds up to quite a brew. They spent 10 days in Los Angeles in the company of a legendary producer, watching, listening, learning. Together, they recorded a handful of songs, amongst them the band's first single, "Dreaming of Another Girl", its fantastic spidery guitar line and Ranald’s throbbing vocal ache the perfect introduction to a band with so many abundant sonic thrills.

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