• u k subs XXIV (CD, £8.50)

    label: captain oi

    XXIV is Punk legends the UK Subs' 24th (hence XXIV) official album in their quest to release one for every letter of the alphabet (only one to go as they've more recently released YELLOW LEADER!) This reissue is packaged in a standard Jewel Case for the first time. Originally released in 2013, the CD was only available then in a deluxe hardback digibook. This has now sold out and has been replaced by this edition. TRACK LISTING 1. IMPLOSION 77 2. COALITION GOVERNMENT BLUES 3. SPEED 4. RABID 5. MONKEYS 6. BLACK POWER SALUTE 7. LAS VEGAS WEDDING 8. STARE AT THE SUN 9. GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL 10.WORKERS REVOLUTION 11.WRECKIN’ BALL 12.DETOX 13.FAILED STATE 14.MOMENTO MORI

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