• flat earth society / lost Waleeco / Space Kids (CD, £11.25)

    label: Arf! Arf!

    Music by two legendary Boston bands from the original master tapes. 'Waleeco' is a reissue of FES's 1968 psych masterpiece while 'Space Kids' is a 30 minute unreleased sci-fi audio fairy tale complete with narration, sound effects and incidental music by The Lost. This new, expanded edition includes a 28-page booklet (16 more than the first pressing) bursting with incredible photos plus an extensive interview with three FES members. Tracks: FLAT EARTH SOCIETY: Feelin' Much Better, Midnight Hour, I'm So Happy, When You're There, Four & Twenty Miles, Prelude For The Town Monk, Shadows, Dark Street Downtown, Portrait in Grey, In My Window, Satori. THE LOST: Space Kids - Part 1, Space Kids - Part 2, Incidental music to Space Kids, (16 short instrumentals.

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