• rima kato Faintly Lit (CD, £13.25)

    label: Flau

    8 poetries are lighted by subtlety like a tiny torch. Rima Kato played in a band called Strrows during her high school years in the late 1990s. Following her mini-album 'Harmless' that was published in 2012, she is now releasing her first full solo album called 'Faintly Lit'. On the album she sings to her own accompaniment, consisting of various instruments such as the flute, alto recorder and electric guitar. A polite arrangement adds charm to her simple English poetry that she sings honestly. Only a few small words spill from her innocent voice that feels so fragile that it would break if touched. Even though it feels influenced by pioneers in female singer-songwriter, lo-fi pop music, we can still sense that these 8 songs hold a strong identity with a firm will. The beauty of Rima's comprehensive songwriting leaves an impact on you.

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