• noah Sivutie (CD, £13.25)

    label: Flau

    From childlike electronica that is as pure as virgin snow, to sensual minimalistic R&B, casting mesmerizing spells in the world of fantasy with her dreamy voice, Flau presents you, the one and only, Noah. Noah, who is now based in Aichi, has been hailed as one of the brightest emerging stars in the local indie scene in Japan. In this 15-tracks debut full-length, Noah gently blended in the musical influences she carefully absorbed - the piano pieces she listened during childhood, the choir harmony from churches, soundtrack of French animation films, 90's trip-hop, R&B music, the exchange of ideas with SELA., and she transformed all these into some cinematic and yet tantalizing sounds with full imagination. With her delicate singing, the mysterious drone noises, the fluffy melodies that float like the night air, Sivutie, a breathtaking ambient album, shines like the light shimmers on the water surface of a pool.

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